Arias, Fabrega & Fabrega (ARIFA) IP attorneys are well-positioned to effectively and cost-efficiently protect your interests. A team of some 16 IP experts – including lawyers and highly trained personnel – offers clients a full range of legal services in this area, including IP registration, IP infringement prosecution, copyright and IP licensing. Our IP litigation lawyers regularly win complex and difficult cases for clients at the trial and appellate levels. In terms of trademark and other IP registration, ARIFA has been consistently ranked among the top three law firms in the country in number of applications filed and registered with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry. Throughout the years, the firm has been actively involved in ongoing projects to modernize IP legislation, participating in roundtable discussions convened either by the Panamanian Ministry of Commerce or the Panamanian Association of Intellectual Property (APADEPI), in updating major pieces of IP laws and regulations.

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